Nosakhari loves X Beyond object’s
“Empty memory”

Words by Amardeep Dhillon

Nosakhari loves X Beyond object’s “Empty memory”

Beyond Object is a London-based brand that prides itself on fusing art and functionality in its beautifully sculpted desktop and home accessories. From tilted-frame fruit bowls to geometric tripod candle-holders, its products express a minimalist, off-centre aesthetic in classic metallic hues.

Their 16GB “Empty Memory” USB range is particularly eye-catching. Cast in stainless steel, and polished and finished by hand, it is much more impressive than their previous “transparency” range. In plain steel, gun metal or rose gold, the case and frame body are stylishly angled.

Its polygonal frame is asymmetric, and its 6 sides act as a metaphor for the stick’s function – their boundaries hold empty space ready to be filled with memory. With its function re-interpreted and embedded in the product’s design, the “structure” USB range is a work of craft as much as of tech.  Images Courtesy of Beyond Object