CYD Series Trailer

In line with our mission to ignite individuality and self Expression, our newly launched website sees the introduction of our Celebrate Platform. The idea behind our celebrate platform was to ask ourselves what our philosophy, (Celebrate your Difference) really meant to us and how we could highlight and magnify its meaning to be more impactful.

To Nosakhari, “Celebrate Your Difference” means a commitment to do great work, it means a commitment to pursuing excellence, and it means following your passion, it means a commitment to self competition and self expression through creative and intuitive work.

Our goal was to look for other people who we believe embodies this philosophy, other creative’s and people who are staying true to them selves and share their stories to inspire other creative aspirants.

We believe in the power of honest and inspiring stories and our celebrate platform will tell stories in beautiful and creative films of creative people with passion. We will celebrate Artists, Makers, Designers, Craftsmen and many more. The platform will be a celebration of stories from intuitive and creative people and the work they do around the world.