Following Creative Instincts – Carole Poirot | CYD #12 – Nosakhari

Carole Poirot still remembers taking her first point-and- shoot camera as a teenager, and pointing it straight at the sun. Contrary to every caution, the photo came out beautifully. This was the moment she learnt to trust her eye, and this confidence in her personal creative vision has enabled her to become a food stylist and photographer professionally without any experience or formal training.

After studying (and hating) interior design, Carole realised that she could combine her stylistic vision with her love of photography to achieve something artistically comparable to a painting – another hobby of hers. Her love of food – and of not doing what she’s told and playing with it – meant that food styling and photography came naturally.

Carole’s work stems from a ceaseless curiosity and a natural need to explore it through these mediums. Citing photographers like Irving Penn and Tim Walker as influences, she nevertheless sees her own quest for an artistic style as the ultimate source of her art. Always evolving, the idea of realising a final artistic identity bores her – whether she’s cooking, styling or photographing, it’s in the exploration that she finds her enjoyment.