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    In Conversation With Joseph Ludkin

    Joseph Ludkin comes from a long tradition of craftsmen, with his grandfather being a founding member of the Craft Potters Association. His own journey into pottery, however, has “a short but intensive experience”, organically aligned with his heritage rather than derivat... read more

    07 August, 2018 Words by Amardeep Dhillon
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    In Conversation With Alex Bishop

    It’s not a predictable career development, from aerospace engineering to bespoke guitar making, but it’s more logical than you might think. Both incorporate creative and technical skill, and for Alex Bishop, the immediacy with which he could begin working with his hands ... read more

    31 July, 2018 Words by Amardeep Dhillon
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    In Conversation with Elaine Bolt

    Brighton-based Elaine Bolt’s creative output is founded on the idea that “objects can tell stories”. Combining ceramics with found objects - twigs, leaves, lichen, and the flotsam and jetsam of Dungeness (the Kentish shingle-beach and nature reserve) - she simulates sp... read more

    04 June, 2018 Words by Amardeep Dhillon
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    Nosakhari loves X Ikon København

    Amalie and Sarah Thorgaard began their interior design brand last year, and their talent as already been recognised with a showcase at this year’s Copenhagen Fashion Week 2017. It’s well deserved – their wooden tables and block seats, beautifully tiled in a range of co... read more

    Words by Amardeep Dhillon